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Authentic Autograph Examples

Welcome to Autograph Examples. Here you will find Authentic autographs of many well-known celebrities from Movies. Music, Royalty, Leaders, Sports and many more. The project is to protect many buyers from the forgeries that are currently sold daily.


Autographs have become more than a hobby for collectors, it’s also a business and investment which is growing at a high rate. Autographs have also recently got classed as one of the fastest grown hobbies to date. Hence the reason that forgers are getting their share. We keep up to date as much as we can with known authentic examples.


Nowadays you can buy more than just a signed photo or a cut autograph from a page. Now many collectors are buying signed checks and original signed documents/contracts. Music Autograph Examples signed Albums such as LP’s and CD’s are very popular among collectors.


This site, updated often so please keep checking back and remember to save this page. It may save you several hundred to thousands of dollars in years to come.


We wish to thank everyone who has given us photos. Information and especially specialist dealers who have given us pages of their knowledge and collection for us to share.