Robert Plant autograph 1977

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Robert Plant autograph 1972
Autograph from 1972


A British rock singer and songwriter, known as the vocalist and lyricist for the band Led Zeppelin. Inspired at a young age by Elvis Presley, Plant left school to begin his musical career. He performed with a number of groups before he was discovered by Jimmy Page, who was in search of a lead singer for a new band he was forming, called the New Yardbirds. The group eventually became Led Zeppelin. Plant launched his solo career in 1982, reuniting with the band for occasional benefits.


Robert Plant autograph 1977
1977 Robert Plant autograph
Robert Plant autograph 1977
1977 autograph


Led Zeppelin

After a short tour as the New Yardbirds, the band quickly renamed themselves Led Zeppelin. They landed a spot as the opening act for the American rock group Vanilla Fudge during their U.S. tour. The band then released their first album, Led Zeppelin I in 1969, which earned mixed reviews. While critics may have disliked the group; Led Zeppelin autographs won over fans with Plant’s raw, powerful vocals and Page’s masterful guitar work. They produced a sound with an engaging mix of hard rock and heavy metal while drawing inspiration from other types of music.


Robert Plant autograph 1982
Robert Plant autograph 1982
robert plant autograph 1991
robert plant autograph 1991


In 1998, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page put out a new studio album, Walking Into Clarksdale. The recording earned rave reviews and netted the pair a Best Hard Rock Performance Grammy win for “Most High.” Furthermore, after a long hiatus, Plant returned in late 2001 with his solo album Dreamland. Two years later, he debuted Sixty Six to Timbuktu, a two-disc compilation dedicated exclusively to works from Plant’s solo career, including “Tall Cool One” and “Upside Down.”


Robert Plant autograph 2007
2007 Robert Plant autograph
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1983 robert plant autograph



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